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Keen to find fruit across the city, we’ve sampled some very sweet cherries in Moss Side, South Manchester!

A variety of cherry trees in public spaces have been spotted . Whilst smaller than most supermarket-bought fruit, these cherries are delicious to eat and easy to pick as many branches are low-lying.

Why not take a closer look at the trees in your area for these little gems – hopefully the birds have a left a few for us to enjoy!

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Since March, Abundance Manchester has provided free food growing workshops to some of our recipient groups. Workshops aim to model how we can grow our own and reduce food miles with limited space and resources, as well as provide a social learning environment.

Visit the Abundance Manchester website for updates on the lovely fruit & veg participants are nurturing.

Workshops are funded by Manchester City Council’s Carbon Innovation Fund.

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From left in apple-print fabric: Ann-Marie (Sheffield), Penny (Manchester), Steven (Sheffield)

Abundance won the Observer ethical award last Thurday night. Here is a photo of us receiving the award on behalf of all of the 16 (at the latest count) Abundance projects that have sprouted up across the country. 

We received hearty congratulations from many of the people there, even our competitors. Well done to all those involved with Abundance groups across the UK!

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