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New Abundance Plot


Exciting news- we now have an Abundance Manchester fruit and vegetable plot! Over the past few weeks a group of us have been working on clearing and creating a space to grow fruit and veg.  This will then be donated to projects who have previously received fruit from us (the fruit picking will start again as well when it’s the right season).  Check out the ‘wish list’ page for items we could make use of- all donations gratfully received.

As well as its practical purpose of proving local organically grown fruit and veg to people who can make good use of it, we hope the Abundance allotment will be a chance for people to get together to share and learn food growing skills, to meet like and unlike minded people and have fun!

The plot was originally created a year ago in an overgrown patch of the car park at Manchester Bridge Club.  The owner kindly agreed for it to be used for veg growing and so after much tussling with brambles it was transformed into a giant raised bed, with the idea that the space would then be either be turned into a community allotment or handed over to a group who would like to use it.  Abundance Manchester seemed the ideal group to use this area.  So now we have started work on preparing the beds for planting, creating spaces for compost and leaves and getting ready the 8 baths we’ve had delivered for planting in (see the ‘crops’ page for what we plan to plant).  Children from Early Years Nursery School have already been to visit the plot and are very keen to return to help with the veg growing.  They were particularly intrigued and excited by the baths!

We will be meeting at the plot most Sundays from 1.30 -4. It’s at the end of the car park at Manchester Bridge Club, 30 Palatine Road, West Didsbury, M20 3JJ.  Call/text me on 0772 960 4862 if you’d like to come to confirm the times/days people will be at the plot.  Everyone is very welcome to come along for as little or long as you would like!

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