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Picking with a differenceNight time deliveries

In the spirit of using what’s around us, one Abundance volunteer took to a trampoline to reach those last few apples just temptingly out of reach. This Saturday we picked apples, pears and plums from five different houses and filled 6 trailers, 2 paniers and several rucksacks full of the fruit and also veg donated from allotments and picked from our Abundance plot.  We had so much fruit and veg that we were delivering it into the night!

The fruit and veg was distributed to Cornerstone, which provides food to homeless people, Stopover hostel for homeless women, The Destitution Project supporting destitute asylum seeks, Leaf Street Harvest Festival, Critical Mass bike ride, HARP project for people with mental health needs, the Jabez Group promoting community cohesion and Safestop hostel for people with mental health needs. Thanks to all involved!

apples, plumsplums closeLeaf Street Harvest Festival

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Beautiful BeansBeans, courgettes, apples, tomatoes, marrows, pears and even grapes- in the last couple of weeks all this and more has been donated to Abundance!  The veg donations have been particularly generous, with lots of unusually coloured veg donated from two allotment shows- check out the pink and purple beans! The fruit and veg has been distributed to The Boaz Trust project for destitute asylum seekers, Safestop hostel for young homeless women and Cornerstone, which provides meals for homeless people. Thanks for all donations!

Courgettes and beans closeDonated Veg Closedonations southern cemetry allotmentProduce for Cornerstone

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Apples picked for London Climate CampWorkshops about Abundance Manchester and autonomous food distribution were held at both the Scottish and London Climate Camps, which raise awareness and take action on climate change and related issue.

During the workshops we looked at the problems of the current food distribution system and alternative sustainable ways of distributing food, such as through projects like Abundance.  In the London workshop we provided a practical example of the abundance of food out there by bringing along and giving out apples and pears we had picked from trees near the camp- a five minute walk from the camp we discovered two pear and four apple trees! There was an enthusiastic response about Abundance in the workshops and new groups look set to be springing up!

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