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Our next meeting to plan the Abundance Project will be on Saturday 28th June at 4.30pm at the Ossery Road Allotmentssee this map.

The meeting will be to discuss how the project will work, see what needs to be done to get the project started and see who is interested in doing which jobs. These will include contacting groups who may want free fruit, making and distributing leaflets, investigating funding, picking fruit, distributing fruit, eating fruit.

Please come along, and bring some friends too, the more the merrier!

Click the poster below to see it bigger.

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Hello Manchester!

Hi Manchester!

Abundance is a project which aims to harvest surplus or unwanted fruit from gardens around Manchester and distribute it to local groups and communities who need it.

Do you have a fruit tree in your garden?
If you have a fruit tree in your garden and have surplus fruit, or are physically unable to pick the fruit, please get in touch! We will come and help harvest the fruit, and you will get the first share.

What will we do we with the fruit?
We will distribute the fruit to local groups that need it, e.g. refugee and asylum seeker groups.  Please also get in touch if you want to receive fruit for your group or organisation. If we have too much of any one fruit we will make jams, pickles and preserves.

Do you want to help us?
Please also get in touch if you are interested in joining our group! We need people to help pick the fruit, preserve it, distribute it, and assist with the general running of our group.

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